Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Be gone with you.

As my last post of 2009, I thought it only right to look back on the year I wish would have never happened.

The year started out with having to face the realization that my parents were not always going to be here. My daddy got pretty sick and really scared the heck out of me. I realized in that time who my true friends were and was shocked at by who wasn't there for me (leading to lots of drama in the coming months).

My baby got sick in May and I had to let her go exactly a month after she got sick. She was my constant companion for 13 years. Every time I cried she was there to comfort me. Buster (her sister, the name has a great story) and I both were sad for a good few months and to this day, I still say goodnight to both of them.

The Boy and I broke up in July after a tumultuous few months. I think once I realized that he wasn't "The One" I fought like hell to make him so. Once I figured out that was not going to happen I was able to let go and have slowly started moving on.

Throughout all of this, my job became more and more stressful. We sold our company in June after I worked my butt off for over a year to make it happen. I hate office politics and got thrown into it and it really took it's toll on me. In December the new owners defaulted on payments and more drama happened. As a result, the franchise took the business back, screwed my boss, and I am finishing up one more project on a consultant basis and then I am out too. This past month has been everyone treating me rude and acting like I am trying to screw them over. Of course, I see that when I see that they are not running the business but instead "playing office". They had no clue what my boss or I did and in the last few weeks there no one wanted to learn. It is heartbreaking seeing something I helped build being torn apart. I have had to learn to let go and just remove myself.

So 2009, you sucked but in all of the loss that you gave me, you also gave me a new start. I am looking forward to 2010 and fresh starts in all areas.

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