Monday, December 21, 2009

8 hours till freedom

8 more hours at the office. After that NO MORE. It felt very strange watching them interview for my replacement. But you know, after how these past few weeks have gone, I am more than ready to be out of there. I never knew people I worked with for 5 years could be so backstabbing and rude to me. I guess it just comes from being in my position.

It isn't like I will have much time to veg out. Wednesday I have a meeting at my new office then lunch. Thursday I have to wrap presents and head to my parents. The weekend is mine! Monday I have a 1pm appointment, Tuesday I have to work for my mom (must have a little supplemental income) and then appointment for new job. Wednesday I work, Thursday dentist. After that, I work Tuesday - Thursday for my mom all through January and then Monday and Friday for my unpaid internship if you will. Hopefully, I can start getting paid and have a full time job by February.

Well bed time for me. Must be in at 8am for my last day. I guess I can do that. :)

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