Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to routine means menu planning and cooking!

Well, the craziness is (knock on wood) winding down. So I can get back on a normal routine and get life back in order. Time to clean the house, straighten my office up so I can start working from home next week, and most importantly, I am going to start cooking so I can stop eating junk food. That should help with the need to make lose the weight and gain the cash.

This time, in order to try and save a little more, I went with stuff in the house and didn't plan with the thought of just buying everything. I also planned for my leftovers. I am not a fan, but I think it is time to start planning for them and not throwing them out.

Sunday: Walnut Ginger Salmon, wild rice, and green beans
Monday: Slow cooker Chow Mein from my favorite new cookbook and one of my favorite blogs.
Tuesday: Red Pepper and Gouda soup
Wednesday: yo-yo night. What we called left over night when I was a kid. Yo-yo is short for your on your own.
Thursday: Pork chops with steams veggies
Friday: pepper and molasses pulled chicken sandwiches.
Saturday: yo-yo night.
Sweet tooth insurance: angel food cake with berries.

All of the recipes are from my healthier repertoire. Looking forward to a great week!

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