Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exciting Wednesday night

Well we are all back at the all I mean one spoiled queen cat, one short funny looking manic dog, and one sweet genius Lab and me. And all seem to think that being within 2 feet of me is the best spot in the house. I couldn't be happier.

I finally cried about everything that happened these past few months and broke down about it all. I realized in the middle of it that I haven't just let it go like that in a while. It was just what I needed.

Tonight, I am spending the night cleaning house and purging all of my crap. I am giving away all of my old work shirts and bags, all but a few special things from past relationships, old files from my past jobs that I will never need, clothes that don't fit, things that are broken, old, don't fit with my house, things that are duplicates, and anything I don't want. My goal is to fill my empty dining room with stuff and have them come pick it up next week. I WANT IT GONE. 2009 was a shitty year and it is time to just get rid of it all.

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