Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Great first day

About 9:45 last night I got REALLY tired. I realized that without the stress, I was finally unwinding. I slept SO good last night.

Today was a meeting at the new office to go over the infrastructure. I saw the office that will be mine and now I am thinking of how to decorate it! This office will not get trashed like my last one. It was nice being able to go into an office and see nice people as well as more than 2 people. I brought a rum cake that a friend made me as a thanks for having me gift and everyone loved it. Yea for the power of rum cake! I just realized I didn't eat any of it so I might have to make me one tomorrow night at the parental units. Of course I have to go to get the rum. OH!! That's what I will bring to the Christmas dinner too (more on that later).

Once I finished the meeting, I was able to go have lunch with my girls. It is great being in the same area as they are and being able to go have lunch. I look forward to more lunches.

Once lunch was over I went over the the boss/friend's house and hung with him, his wife and their 7 kids....yep, that is NOT a typo. Coming from a house with just me as a kid, seeing how 7 interact is amazing. I think it was because they all don't live there and so they really don't fight but enjoy time together. I ended up there for almost 7 hours! It was fun to just be part of a family again though.

The recurring theme of today seems to be friends as family. I realized that it is just me. I am not close to my cousins or their kids and have issues with them that are too much to go into here. My closest friends have become my surrogate family. My friends' kids my nieces and nephews. It makes me happy that I have people in my life I can consider family.

Bed time for me. Tomorrow it is baking, wrapping, last minute run to Target and heading to the 'rents. Oh, and dealing with some unexpected winter weather. Only in Texas...high of 75 today and snow tomorrow.

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