Friday, December 18, 2009

Must get new glasses

For anyone not in the know, I must wear glasses, contacts are not an option. No, it isn't that I have an aversion to sticking my finger in my eye (I happily did that for 17 years). Nope, I am partially blind in one eye and as a way to protect my other eye, my doctor will not give me the prescription anymore.

It kills me sometimes since I am still adjusting to glasses, but when I stop to think about it, close my good eye and look around, I see exactly why it needs to be this way. If something were to happen to my good eye, it would be as my doctor as well as a friend tell me, a significant life altering event.

I am starting to use this "blessing" to get multiple pairs of glasses to go with outfits. Who says I can't accessorize with the spectacles?!? If you really know me, then you know how jazzed I was when I saw this on Corporette this morning....

More info for your own peepers can be found here.

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