Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The times they are a-changin'

Sorry to Mr. Dylan for taking an amazing title and putting it to a blah blog post. But it just fits perfectly and it has been in my mind all day.

I am free. The official word of my departure has been announced. The plan is in place to get everyone trained to do their own jobs and my replacement is being looked for. I am free.

Tomorrow I get to go to the new job and start working on the transition to get in. Now, what to wear!!!! Oh I am so happy that I can have a reason to wear cute clothes again. I have a ton of new winter clothes sitting in my closet and I have a ton of choices.

While I am happy to go to the new place of employment, I am hoping I can still get away in time to go run and pick up some new shoes. I still have my heart set on the flats. I also have a cute dress and a skirt that is screaming for a pair of boots. The key is to try and find some that will fit over my calves. On my fat days, they are too fat and then when I work out they get too muscular so I need to find some that fit regardless of fat or muscle. I think I found a pair but of course, I never know till I try them on.

You know, I need a mirror. Yes, I am living without a full length mirror. I don't think I have seen an outfit I have worn from head to toe in about 5 years. Guess it is time to do a little shopping for that too!

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