Friday, January 29, 2010

Fighting the Funk Round 2

It is imperative that I get a gym membership sooner rather than later. I am a wuss and hate to work out outside.  As a result I am in the house and getting back into a rather pissy mood. 

I need to get in a better mood period.  I can pinpoint my moods to 3 main things.  Unforutnately due to the nature of them, I can't write about them here so I can't get it out.  I know I need to get out the pen and paper and start writing.  That might be the next stop tonight. 

So in attempts to get me in a better mood, I shall post a few of the pretties I have found online today that I wish I could surround myself with.  Yes, because I am that damn vain right now.  :)

My kitchen could use a blue break with this lovely.
From: Sur La Table 

For my feet (these would so be in my closet if I had a steady check coming in)
Neiman Marcus

I could handle these as my Valentine; I mean at times shoes are better than a man right?  :)

A few weeks here would be just what I need to get over the funk.
Santorini, Image here

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