Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lazy Daisy

As the weather gets colder I am getting lazier and lazier.  My brain must be getting cold to because I am having a total writer's block. 

I have to get off my ass and start doing SOMETHING this week!  I completely have been slacking on getting rid of crap at the house so now I can't claim that it is trashed because I am cleaning out for the new year...now it is just trashed.   Hmmm, thinking....  EUREKA!!  I need some happy hour fuel to get me going.  A night out with friends laughing my ass off and drinking will always get me moving. 

It happy news, I never have to set foot in hell again (Ok, well the office hell that is). I dropped off my keys, got my check and gave them the big F you.  Well, maybe I just wish I would have given them the big F you but a girl can dream.  They tried to pick my brain more on how to actually run the business and I just gave them a look like they had to be kidding and walked out.  All I can say now is NEXT!

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