Monday, January 4, 2010

Purge Day 2

2009 tried to come back in and I had a heck of a time shutting it out.  But I did and I am damn proud of that. 

Today I decided to work on my office and get it cleaned up so I could start working in it and doing my schoolwork in there again.  The end result was even more stuff to give away and a full recycling bin.   Yea for the environment, crap for me and the fact that it won't be emptied again until Friday.  I wish I lived in a suburbia where neighbors talked to each other.  If I did maybe I could see if the people next door who never recycle would let me borrow their bin.  Instead I am going to have to cram as much as I can in and push it down.  Once it is 110% full, it is going to have to go into more bags to put in the bin after it is empty.

Ah, you say I am getting overly pessimistic in the amount of stuff I am getting rid of and I might not have that more left?  NOPE. I still haven't finished the office, the guest bedroom, the hall linen closet, the coat closet, the laundry room, the kitchen, and more in my bedroom. Oops, almost forgot, the mountains of my stuff I had at the office that is now in my front hall and garage that much be gone through ASAP.  Once that is done then I will khow where I start on getting stuff in the house that I actually like.

I have been following my goals and my new budget and have not spent a dime all weekend.  Even when I was craving fajitas, I didn't do it because it wasn't in my budget. I guess I have to add that on to the parents part of the weekly dinner or I need to find a recipe.

Wow, without the puppies here, I am getting tired! 

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