Saturday, January 2, 2010

Purge Day One

Why does it always seem like when you are trying to get your life clean and organized, it just gets messier?

There are currently 11 bags of clothes, a coffee table, a chair, an end table (soon to be two), 2 boxes, and a bird cage sitting in my empty dining room. Trash day was yesterday but I already have a trash cart two-thirds full. There is a bag of stuff I have borrowed from my parents that I am sending back as well. I literally might have to sleep on the couch tonight because my bed is covered with clothes and stuff to go through.

The rewards of my efforts you ask? All cabinets and closets in my bedroom and master bath are cleaned out and look great. I know I have done a ton of work today but I just can't see it right now. When it all gets done (projected for the middle of the month...yes I am cleaning that thoroughly) it will be amazing and I can finally start trying to get this place decorated and feeling like my own.

As a side note, I am pretty dorky but it made me squeal like a little girl when I saw one of my dresses on the mannequin on a commercial for What Not to Wear. Don't worry the dress was a what to wear example. Now of course I have to start watching again to see how they accessorized it!

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