Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am such a dork!!!  All it took to get me in a good mood was a check list on my dry erase board of things I needed to get gone.  I will admit I lived the last 5 years of my work life with a daily check list and I was having withdrawals.

I ended up at the grocery store and price shopped my little butt off today baby.  I stalked the aisles looking for good food for me on the cheap.  If you know me I am a complete foody.  I can spend on my own easily over $100 a week on food just because it looks good.  So to have to put my self on a $100 a MONTH budget and you can see where my challenge is.  But I found the deals and proudly walked up to the cashier and watched the screen like a hawk.  Of course, the cashier missed my main sales item and actually looked offended when I called her out on it!  I am sorry lady, did you not see that everything in my cart rang up as some sort of special price, sure I you think that I shouldn't be bitching because my total food bill was $28.  but damnit, I know it should be $22 and I need that six bucks for my cheese dish on Sunday.

So, I saved money, handled conflict without crying like a baby, cooked dinner, went for a 45 minute walk/jog, successfully flirted with a new interest, and kept my temper all day.  I am also working on my 2nd book this month so that is a good thing as well.

And tomorrow I can dress up!!  I have a business appointment.  Woohoo!!!

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