Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday FAIL

All grand plans failed today.  I ended up taking a small nap instead of being productive.  I guess when you have to sleep you have to sleep. 

Quiche is cooling and I am honestly not sure if it is going to be edible.  At least I used most of the leftovers in it so if it isn't edible I didn't waste much food.  Update:  It was good!!  I'll do a separate post for the recipe.  Yummy and it will probably be what I eat until I head to the store on Wednesday.

Clothes and accessories are ready for work tomorrow, bag, lunch and other office stuff are about ready to go.  I guess we will see what is to transpire tomorrow.  I am going to go into it with an open mind and just see what happens.  If anything I have a few things I can do.  I only plan on being there from 9-4. 

So much to do this week!  I have gotten the calendar and the to do list set up and I m ready to rock!!

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