Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thanks Food Network for screwing me

Let me start of with saying I love cooking.  Something about being able to get out a super sharp knife and whack at innocent food just screams stress relief to me.  That and the super amazing things that come out of the kitchen soothe me in my craziest of day (as witnessed by the growth of my butt during super stress times). 

Today has been the day of errands I tried to run but couldn't.  All I did successfully was take in my dry cleaning and finally take my November expense check to the bank.  I had 5 things I got out to do today all so I could stay home tomorrow and curl up and do nothing.  It looks like I will be out and about tomorrow.  Boo!!

First errand was taking my baby to the Apple store since I might have popped the lid partially off this morning. Word to the wise, hearing your Air make a cracking sound it is NEVER a good thing.  Off I trecked to Willow Bend only to be told good new/bad news.  Good can be fixed and it MIGHT not cost you anything.  Bad new, we have to send it out to be fixed.  Wait, you gotta do what!!  I have 3 years worth of important data on here.  Ok, so maybe just a little bit of important data and more really embarrassing pictures.  Great. Since I need to clean off somethings and do have some things I need to do today on my computer, I have to go back tomorrow to let them send it in.  Double great. I just hope my old HP still works or that I can borrow one of the numerous laptops my friend has.

Off I go to Home Depot to get faucet covers for the outside faucets.  I know, I am great at advanced planning. They are out and I went ahead and assumed if they were out, everyone around suburbia would be out. Time to do some redneck engineering in the neighborhood. Sorry HOA if I mess up the pretty community (wait the porta potty down the street at the construction site kinds screws that one). So I am going to be wrapping them in towels and covering that with trash bags and duct tape. 

Finally, I head to the grocery store to stock up on food so I don't starve to death. Sunday dinner with the parentals is a family recipe that just happens to use ham hocks to flavor the dumpling juice.  I have NEVER had a problem finding this.  It is an ugly scary piece of meat/fat that always seems to be hanging around.  Yea, granted I live in the South but I also live in the burbs where there was a time I couldn't find couscous but could find every type of peanut butter you could imagine. Turns out, everyone got ham hocks to put in beans and it is a low priority to reorder.  So thanks Food Network for showcasing how to use this hunk of meat and for putting these recipes on your website so everyone can try them out.  Now, I have to get out hunt this thing down.  No sleeping in enjoying the heater tomorrow for me.

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