Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wanted: New Peeps

Let me preface this post by saying that I love my friends.  They are amazing and I couldn't get through life without them.  They rock my world.

That said, sometimes I feel out of sorts when I spend time around them in a group.  I am the token cynical, sarcastic single chick of the bunch.  We went today for dress fitting and lunch and I couldn't follow the conversation and my dirty little admission....I didn't care to!!!

Weddings, not a problem.  I love them I love looking at them and thinking about them but lately due to other things, I am not in the mood to think about them.  It is too close to "Make the single people uncomfortable" day for me to go there.  Then the lunch conversation, ovulation and baby making!  AAAHHH, what the crap I'm melting!!!!  That is about how I felt.  Nothing makes a girl who is unsure if she even wants little brats more ready to go rape the closest acceptable guy to procreate then thinking she is running out of time.  I don't think about kids, I don't stress over it...until someone reminds me I am getting closer and closer to 40.  No, I am not there by a long shot but when you start adding in the time to find someone, do the dating game, pop the question, plan a kick ass wedding and party, spend some time as a married couple, and then spend 9 months baking a poop machine, it adds up. Folks, we are talking 37 here.  I know I know, not a big deal...but it still gets to you. 

So how does all this fit with the title of this post?  I need a new peeps to add to the mix.  I need single, or already married people who are NOT building life on procreating and talking about procreating.  People who have lives outside of the burbs.  Must like to go experience new places and restaurants with groups of people.  Must be able to fit in with old peeps while not getting brainwashed. 

Rant over.

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