Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Menu

Without my laptop, I have been off my blogging game for the last few days.   I haven't wanted to come and sit in my office and blog at nights like I should. But today I decided I couldn't live like a college kid on semester break anymore.  It worked great that my class actually began today as well!  I am doing my must do work at set times during the day and not laying around watching TV minus Food Network (I completely screwed myself on  my last post....only that network has been out since Friday...karma always kicks my ass). Hopefully this will also help me not get behind in school.

Anyhoo, without further ado (I really wish I could continue this train of thought in the style of Seuss), time to figure out what the heck I am eating this week!

Monday - yummy leftovers
Tuesday - tamales with beans and rice
Wednesday - veggie burger and roasted potatoes
Thursday - broccoli beef
Friday - Chicken with Lemon Mushroom sauce and salad
Saturday - BBQ chicken with roasted potatoes and salad
Sunday - NO CLUE!!  Dinner party to go to and I have to bring something using cheese.  The possibilities are endless but I am overwhelmed with choices.

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