Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly Menu

That whole Wednesday to Wednesday thing I was going to do?  Yea, not gonna happen.  I had to face the music that I was not and did not want to be that freakishly prepared person.  I owned up to the that fact that I am lazy, I procrastinate, and I work my ass off all day and don't want to come home and cook for 2 hours.  So instead I have been cooking ALL day today and have most of the food for next week done!  All I have to do is come home, reheat and eat.  Bonus, I will also be more likely to keep to the menu.  No more planting my self in front of the fridge with a fork and just eating whatever looks good.

Sunday:  Spicy Meatloaf (recipe here), mashed potatoes, and green peas.  I modified the recipe to make it with ground buffalo (yep, you read it right).  I realized that there was no red meat in the menu and well that's just not right! Already cooked and will freeze some of it.

Monday:  Grilled Tilapia and Polenta with salad. (recipe here)

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken and leftover polenta (recipe here). Cooking this Sunday night.

Wednesday: Shrimp Chili Cornbread Casserole.  Cooking as I type. will freeze part of it.

Thursday: Left over night

Friday: pizza!!  (recipe where else but Cooking Light, just don't remember the name.  It's in the October '09 issue)

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