Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Sunday

Being single, I choose not to celebrate the holiday that was today.  I have nothing wrong with hearts, flowers, red, pink and chocolate.  I just choose not to participate.  I have passed the point of caring about it for the most part.  I have had one good Valentine's Day in my dating career (last year).  I experienced it, I liked it and now I am single again so I don't make a big deal.  No one called to wish me happy day, no cards, no emails, no Facebook wishes, nothing and I am OK with it.  Moving on...

I am so overwhelmed with school!!  I have no clue how I completely missed a quiz I was supposed to do. I have NEVER done that and I feel like a loser for doing it.  It just means I have to buckle down and get back on track.  I have probably 3-4 hours of school work to do each night after my 9-10 hours of work each day.

I am searching for a good place to do my school work.  I know I know, I have a perfectly good house to do my work at.  But I am learning that I am having a hard time concentrating and doing my work when I get home.  I seem to get a little too relaxed.  I have never created that good study place at the house.  I am contemplating going to the SMU library right by the office after work, going to my favorite Starbucks or find a new favorite one.   All I know is I need to get my butt in gear.  I can do anything for 9 more months right?

I'm signing off with one more snow pic.  This is my "puppy" enjoying her snow day.  She does have a tail it's just behind her.  I only say that because someone asked me when she was a puppy if I was going to crop her tail!  HELL NO!!!  Different strokes for different folks but I personally could never do that to an animal of mine.  I don't care if it is the accepted look for a dog.  I can't do it.

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