Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

I am loving this weather!  It has been snowing in Dallas ALL DAY.  They are saying it is the largest snow storm on record.  And I went to work in it.  If you know me you know that white stuff and ice stuff are not my driving friends.  I already decided I am keeping my old car when I get a new one just so I have something to drive in this weather just in case.  I freak all the time! The view from my office was very fun to see though.  I love being on the 8th floor to watch it.  It looked so peaceful and pretty.

Apparently the cat isn't a fan of the white stuff either.  I put her outside just to see what would happen.  I think this is the one time I have never worried about her running off.  I shut the door, counted to 5, opened the door and watched the wet fur ball fly through the door.  She didn't even put a little paw in the snow to see what the white stuff was.  She is NOT a cold weather cat.  I think she is still upset at me for that one.  I have caught her giving me the kitty death stare a few times tonight.  If you don't hear from me tomorrow, the cat did it.

Tomorrow is an at home day for me.  I have an event to plan, appointments to set, and some web pages to work on.  I hope I can get some of my school work done too.  I really need to start my simulation report and start working on a case study for my Ops class. Ah, just 10 more months.  I just have to keep saying that.

On top of the school work, I am going to try and do my weekend cleaning and menu tomorrow so that I can enjoy the weekend and do another freezer cook Sunday.

I was going to do a office snow picture but they came out kinda funky.  This was also on my phone as a picture.  Can you tell me how in the world it took a picture or rather saved a picture of this?? (yes I have a wonderful 1st gen iPhone...I'm cheap where my phone is concerned.  Why yes, that picture is one of my originals)  Strangeness.

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