Friday, February 12, 2010

Yea Olympics!!

I'm not a big cold weather person but I LOVE the winter Olympics!  I have been waiting for this night and I am SO glad I was able to get the DVR installed so I can record everything I want.  I can't think of any sport in the winter Olympics that I don't enjoy watching.

It was a lazy day (but productive) around the house.  I threw the cat out again and this time she ventured to touch the snow.

What you don't see is how fast she pulled that one little paw back and gave me the WTF!!!  look.  Yea, not liking the snow.  She instead would rather sit on top of my chair by the window and just stare at it all day.  Just like me, pretty from the inside, plain cold when outside.  But it is nice to have a little winter on the ground to make it feel like Olympic time. Thank you mother nature for giving me great decorations for this weekend.

Now it is time to grab some of my cookbooks and plan a menu for next week.  Tomorrow is the matinee of Valentine's Day (the ONLY think I will do even close to acknowledging the holiday) and then grocery store to get what I need for the week and curl up back at the house.  Oh wait, I need to go to get picture frames for my office pictures and THEN come curl up at the house.

As always, I will post the menu once I have it nailed down.  The goal on this one is to be able to make some ingredients do double duty and keep the grocery store bill to a minimum.

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