Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conquering Fear

Well I did it, I looked fear in the eye and laughed.  Ok, so maybe laugh is a little strong.  Let's try got really really sick at my stomach, almost wimped out about 5 times and got so scared I almost cried.  But gosh darn-it, I did it!!

Did what you ask?  Climbed a mountain?  Performed surgery? Bungie jumped?  Nope.  Attended a Toastmasters meeting all by myself.  Yes, not a big deal to some but to me, the person who has done everything in life to avoid being noticed and talking, heading by myself to a meeting to a public speaking club is HUGE!!!  I sit home because I am scared to go new places by myself.  I am hoping I can slowly gain confidence to get out there and meet new people, go new places, and have more confidence in in myself.  I am looking forward to going again

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