Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend plans

It has been crazy crazy crazy around here lately.

Work has been going good.  Very busy but good.  At first I was hesitant about this job since I am a finance person and NOT a marketing type person.  But, I have done pretty good.  I hope that this week and next week are enough to push me to my first goal.  Even, though I enjoy the job, I still miss my numbers.  I am casually looking to get back into my field and have applied to a few jobs.  But, at least I am doing something that doesn't bore me to death...most days.

School gave me a scare and I freaked that I was going to have to wait one more semester to graduate.  My first thought was oh hell no!!!  I ended up finding a way to take a comparable class and will have to beg and plead with my advisor to accept it instead.  They are pretty good so I think it will be  no issue.  The class is more in my interest anyway so I think it will all work out better.

WW has been going great.  11 pound down this month.  Part of that is probably taking out the refined sugar and processed foods completely.  Then I added in the C25K to the mix and it's has helped even more.  It helps that I have White Rock Trail right by the office so I am literally 2 minutes from it.  My boss is also very supportive so I can go whenever I want.

There is more to add but it can wait until tomorrow.  Must get to sleep so I can get up early in the morning to head to White Rock Market and then to the parentals to drop off a few things, go through some of my stuff and get rid of some stuff I will mention tomorrow.

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