Saturday, June 12, 2010

About Me

I love to just be me and relax.  When I do anything, I want to do it to the best of my ability. This causes me to be scared to do anything because I don’t think I can do it perfect.  It sucks.  I get over it, life goes on.
Cooking is something I do to relax and de-stress.  Baking is fun, but I can’t eat what I bake or else my ass would be bigger than a barn so I steer clear. Spa days are God’s gift to a hard week.  I could spend a fortune being pampered.  I love making my house feel like a home.  I have spent years trying to find my personal house style and it is getting close to being nailed down….today.  Travel is a great thing.  Give me surf, sand, and sun and I am all over it.
I like the tomboy things.  I am one with my cars.  I love to work my my cars, just be in the garage and get dirty.  I also love to drive fast.  My outlet is the track.  I participate in track days and HPDE's at least monthly.  If I could, I would do it every week.  I race a diesel, granted it isn't a R18 or anything but hey, it's a start.  Plus, it is a great conversation starters and stops the guys in their tracks when I get passes in.  I look at pictures of cars like some girls look at wedding pictures.  I actually like yard work and digging in the dirt, but I never do it because I think I will suck (see first paragraph). 
I like intellectual things.  I have been in school more years than not.  I finally got my MBA last year after 1o years in it.  To put up with that much school, you have to enjoy learning.  I love to read.  I have a growing love of math.  It is like working a puzzle.  This is a love that has come later in life. If I am not learning, I am not happy.  People think this love of learning makes me too serious.  I think it makes me smart and I like being smart.  I love to travel and see historic places.
I like musical things.  I am a killer sax player.  Always have.  Music is my soundtrack to life.  I will listen to just about anything.  I appreciate all music, I like most music, I love a lot of music.  I sing like a cat with it’s tail being pulled (yes, I know this for a fact). Because of this, I only sing in the car…alone. You have to get me pretty drunk to do karaoke.
Want to know even more about me….

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