Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Not So Serious

-  I have a thing for the color purple.  No, not the movie, the color.  The crazy thing is I never thought I did.  If you ask me I will tell you I don’t really like it. Yea, I am lying to myself I love it and it’s as close to pink as I will get.
-  I cuss my cat in German yet I really don’t know German.  No seems to be the word we use most in this house so one night I sat here and said no to her in every language I could think of until she responded…German it was! In my defense, I am actually thinking about learning German for work.  
-  Speaking of cussing, I cuss like a sailor, a really good sailor too. 
-  My Texas accent is proportionate to the amount of alcohol I consume.  The more I drink the more it comes out.
-  I don’t eat artificial sweeteners.  For the longest I was a Diet Coke junkie and then I decided to go cold turkey.  Let me just say DAMN it’s like coming off of crack.  But I have been clean for a while and now if I eat anything that has it in it I can taste it and it is nasty.  The hardest part was not drinking my Starbucks without it.  Yea I know I can use full sugar and all that but…..
-  If artificial sweeteners are like crack then sugar is like speed and thus I REALLY limit the amount of processed sugar I eat.  Oh you knew it was coming.  I try to eat as clean as possible.  Agave nectar, honey, succant, and all that new age BS.  I know it seems stupid but I actually can tell a difference.  Notice though I said TRY.  I still crave sweets like no ones business but I try to stay good as long as possible and then binge once a month.  Donuts are ALWAYS off limits.
-  I am not a good house keeper.  My house isn’t like Hoarder’s bad, in fact it is relatively clean but it is hard for me to do it.
-  I love to dress up but I love my sweats and pjs too.  If I am at home, I am in  the slob gear.
-  I have a growing collection on Chucks aka Converse.  But only lo-tops. I used to wear them to work when I worked a job that I could wear jeans to.  Now I keep them out of the office and only for the weekends.  Oh, growing up is a bitch!
-  I am not in love with Sex in the City.  I never had cable when it was on so I never watched it.  I have watched a few episodes and the movie but I just never flipped over it.
-  I have no pictures in my house up.  I even have an empty frame sitting on my coffee table! UPDATE: I have pictures on the walls!!  And that frame, yep it has one too.  But, it is one of a cloud at the beach and not a person but still).
-  I might not like shopping too much but I LOVE surfing online for clothes…I could probably get to enjoy shopping but I am scared I will like it too much. UPDATE:  Personal shopping ROCKS!!!  That is my vice.  I still hate going to any store except for my fav, Nordstrom but I am getting better.

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