Friday, March 18, 2011

Adventures in Decorating for the Unimaginative and BROKE

I read so many blogs of people that can turn nothing into something; heck they could probably make a whole house out of toilet paper rolls and pasta boxes.  Me, anything I try and do like that just looks like a pile of junk.

BUT ALAS!!!!  I am going to try it again.  The main reason, is I am tired of living in a house I own that looks like a college house.  Wait, my duplex in college was better decorated than my current abode. 

First project, the bedroom.  It is coming together in my head and usually in my head the plan still sucks but this one is actually looking good!

I would post pictures of my first purchase, but I kinda forgot to and it is still 250 miles away.  When I went home last weekend, they were having a festival and part of the festival is a junk flea market. 

While most of the stuff there wasn't worth a second look, I did hunt out one blue Ball jar.  While I have a general love for canning jars, I am puffy-heart-in-love with blue ones.  And apparently so is the free world cause have you seen the jacked up prices on those things lately!!  Anywho, scored it for 1/4th of what I have seen them going for. We're talking using the silver stuff and the pocket lint in my pocket to get it.

But the bestest score in my opinion was my new bed! I was able to get a cast iron bed (an old one, not a new to look old) for $40.  When I go to Canton to look at them, the cheapest I can find is literally $150-$200 unfinished.  I figure for $40 I can afford to strip it, and repaint it...and have my Daddy (yea, I am 34 and still call him daddy...wanna make sumpin' of it!!) modify it a little to work with my existing frame so I can have a little bit more support. 

I have a few more ideas in mind and when I get a chance I will start posting pictures of the white room that is the before and the transformation (provided if doesnt' look like a junk room when I am finished).

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