Monday, March 21, 2011

One tired puppy

Oh my!!  The gym kicked my butt today. Not a good sign when you walk up and the EMTs are there.  I probably had a harder time because this was a crap-tastic Monday of which the details will not bring this blog down.  Let's just say that after the gym, the right arm won't really raise.  Oh I love the gym!!  Seriously, love it.  It's all a good pain.

After the gym, cooking is the farthest thing on the brain but the appetite is killer.  That combined with the fact that is no meal plan this week and the food budget is gone for the month and it looked like adventures in scavenging around this place.  I was and still am kinda craving a fritatta but on a budget, that kinda kills the food in the house for the week, I mean that would have taken all the eggs and the veggies in the fridge!  Instead, this little number was whipped up.

It ended up being less than 300 calories thanks to a few secret ingredients. Recipes get two go arounds to make sure that they can be replicated before they are posted but as yummy as this bad boy was, it will probably be posted (along with better pictures) next week. But just to get this out word I do not cook with pen and paper and remembering to write down what was used was a challenge. But it must been done to keep calories in check and get some new things in the rotation around la casa.

Now off to work on the resume for a bit and then off to bed.

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