Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Saturday Mojo

Woke up this morning in a completely better mood!  It would have been even better had the construction crew next door not started work at 7am but whatever.

I have made my menu plan and grocery list for next week already.  I am still amazed that I actually do have a stocked pantry so the cost stays down.  All I need to get is a few cuts of meat that I don't keep on hand, some fresh veggies and fruit, and milk.  Other than that, I'm set!

Now it is on to getting cleaned up and ready for the day, then off to get new running shoes!  Yes, I am excited about new running shoes.  It's the simple things folks, the simple things. Then it is to the grocery store and back home.

I am seriously considering going pedestrian to the gym. It is 2.3 miles one way.  I know the getting there won't be an issue but the return might be hard since I am going to do my weight workout. But really, what else pressing do I have to do today?

Off I go to conquer this beautiful, sunny day.  Wish me luck!

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