Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Have NO More to Give

That's it, I'm done, finished, I quit.  It's 2pm here and my brain just walked out the door on vacation.   It is protesting the water I am drinking and craving a cold adult beverage. 

My BS tolerance is gone as well.  I am usually so good about not lashing out at people who annoy me and just do it privately to myself.  That was a big. fat. fail today. Thank goodness I have a friend who lets me vent over IM during the day and never holds it over me and joins in every now and then. 

I must keep telling myself that in less than 24 hours, I will be heading out to 4 days of fun, friends, no evil Facebook, no email, no fake conversations and good times.  I can do it...just 3 more hours.

I know part of my issue is I know I am going to be facing some crazy hurdles when I get back not just at work but in my personal life and I need to be 100% for that or else I am going to slip up.  Now if I can stop thinking of them and start thinking about enjoying myself and relaxing.

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