Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to Turn That Frown Upside Down

It has been an emotional past two days.

I had planned to do something fun this weekend that cost money but I realized I had none extra to spend I cancelled.  :(

After realizing I had nothing extra to spend, the radiator in my car gave up the ghost. :(  Thankfully, I caught it before it left me stranded and thankfully I was at the parental unit's house when it was discovered.  Thankfully, my father took pity and is doing it free of charge. :)

I had the one project I was looking forward to taken from me today by someone who complained about their pay and wanted a raise.  Now she has my job and the raise that I was to get for doing it. :( Guess being an adult at work didn't pay off; being a little kid, packing your stuff and stomping around did pay off. :(

My allergies came back and I had to cancel the gym today because of this low grade fever I seem to keep running. :(

The concrete truck from the construction next door just blocked my driveway and I was going to go run errands when I finished this post. :(

BUT!!! I have learned some lessons, I created a plan and I am off to the races (not literally, remember I have no money!)

I learned that there is a reason for everything.  Sometimes the things you feel like you are fighting to hold on to aren't worth holding on to.

You can let it get you down for a little bit and have a pity party for yourself, but it won't solve the problems.  The longer you enjoy that party, the worse things get while you are away. Play the victim enough and soon you become the victim.

So tonight, I am going to medicate this fever away and ignore it.  I am going to get this messy house cleaned up.  I am going to set small goals for myself each day.  The goals will be written out so I can get all happy to check them off.  I am going to work my allotted hours at work (32 based on what I should be paid versus what I am paid) and then spend the remaining time job hunting.  I am not going to sell myself short to get out of a bad situation just to find myself in a worse one.  I am going to rejoice at saving money and not going farther in the whole.  I am going to pat myself on the back for still making saving a priority and saving even a little during all of this. I am not going to take my lot in life out of others around me. I am going to count my losses, put them away and move on with my life.

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