Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turn Around

Things are starting to get a little better. Of course I am so scared to say that but I am going to tempt fate a little.

3 more days of work and then "vacation".  Which consists of 4 days of music, family, and being away from the stress here.  I am a little nervous because it is a new place, new experience, and new people but if I don't have a good time then I can come home and have a few days off.  It's a win/win no matter how you play it.

When I get back, I have to throw myself into work so I can get the raise that has been floating around.  I also have to start really committing to the working out again.  It is so hard to work out when your mind is off in the gray zone; what I call the depressed state. But I have to just buck up and get on with it.  Chalk up the loses and move on.

Speaking of loses, there have been some lately.  I don't speak bad of anyone first because it isn't right and second, because speaking bad of someone gives them more power because to speak you have to think.  However, I can say that please don't take things at face value.  If you want to know something, don't assume you know, just ask.  We all know what assuming does. All things happen for a reason.

I did get to talk to my favorite ex-husband this week.  I hadn't gotten an email in a few weeks and of course I was worried. I think it comes with the territory when someone you love is in the middle of a sand box.  It helped the mood a lot.  Of course I would never tell him that!

Well, I am going to finish watching NCIS and get to sleep.  Busy day tomorrow and then three days off full of working out, a little shopping, family, and church.

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