Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writer's block!!

I always have a ton to write but lately, I get in front of the computer and I go blank.

-I finally just decided to start working out hard again even though I couldn't breathe due to my allergies.  It felt so good to push myself again! Now I get to foam roll these knots out of my legs.  I really need a good deep tissue massage.  I do still have my spafinder gift card so I might check into it next week.

-I am actually going out tomorrow night!  First time in two months.  We have a family friend who has a horse running at opening weekend at the track so I am heading out there.  There is also a concert afterwards that a few of my friends will be at so I am going to hang around for that.

-The saga of the new house continues.  I need to call the HOA tomorrow to see if I get a new gate.  Right now I feel stuck in the house since I can't go out and even wash the car because there are construction guys all around.  Oh well, soon it will be over.

-The job hunt is going.  I finally told my boss what was up and hopefully my time there will be a little better.  BUT, I decided I am not going to stop looking.  It is time for a change.

-I miss DC.  I think if I can find a way to swing it, I am going to head back either in the fall or next spring.  I am back in my mood of wanting to move up there.  Heck, I am in a mood to just move anywhere new.

-Yep, I am in a mood to just start over.  I pretty much am though.  Just the sights are the same.

-Uh oh, I am seeing lightening out in the back.  It might be a camera night.

Ok, off to iron my clothes for tomorrow night and watch a little more West Wing.

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