Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crazy Weekend

This is the one weekend of the year where my sleep schedule gets WAY off.  This is Le Mans weekend!  I record the whole thing but I watch as much as I can when it comes on live.  Needless to say, I suffered jet lag without even leaving my house.

Can I just say that this chick ROCKS!!

This is my new girl crush...Leena Gade, Lead Engineer of the Audi team that completely rocked it today! I would give anything to have a job like that for my dream team. 

Now it's Mavs time, kitchen clean time, and get food ready for Monday time.  It's been a fun weekend of dreaming of ditching it all and going to work in motorsports but now I need to get back to my number crunching life.  I blame this on missing track days this weekend. I would never miss track days except for...

Baby shower!!  Not for me of course, but for a good friend of mine.  I'm looking forward to meeting the baby next month, but it feels strange going to a baby shower.  Honestly, it just is another glaring image of how much my life is no where near others my age.  But I do enjoy my life and the fun that I have doing what I love. 

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