Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, I've missed you so!!

It was a crazy day at the office and I am SO glad to be home.

The day that started bad actually got a little better.  We are looking to bring on contractors for a few open sales roles and one of them is trying to negotiate his pay.  My job is to analyze his numbers with my internal numbers and come to a fair distribution.  It's what I do and crave...analysis and profitability studies.  (yep, call me a nerd now!)

Anywho, this particular gentleman seemed to think I was the secretary and I use that term hating it but that is how he viewed me. I called him and asked him for the numbers that he didn't give to me the day we met (but he gave to all the men).  He ended up sending my boss. I sent him back a really sweet email, letting him know that my boss forwarded me his email and I would be working it this weekend.  I then signed my email with MBA at the end of my name and putting Director in my title.  He called me back in 5 minutes and I didn't answer.  He called back and I still didn't answer.  I listened to his message on the way home.

The "women's role" is something I have leaned to deal with rather effectively in my industry.  It still kills me that people see women as not able to handle complex finance and investments but if I let every older gentleman bug me, I would be a bug all day long.

Well, just got back from being good at dinner out with friends so now it is time to take out the contacts and enjoy the couch a little before heading to bed for an early start tomorrow.

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