Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Wednesday

What a great day!!  Two more days and then a three day weekend.  I actually have the chose to use Friday at home as a study day.  I am trying to decide if that is what it will be.  It might be that I end up going to the office in the morning and then heading home at lunch.

I woke up this morning and checked my Reader on my phone before getting ready for work and saw the best thing!!  Baking Blonde had a giveaway from Shabby Apple and lo and behold I was the lucky reader!!!  Thank you so much Baking Blonde!!  Can I just say how much a LOVE Shabby Apple.  I mean, look at this...what's not to love?

Image Courtesy of Shabby Apple

I didn't realize how much I needed a wardrobe update until I grabbed one of my two remaining black skirts and the hem was coming out.  I have three and one is at the tailor getting a zipper replaced and now one is being held together with safety pins.  The last one is too big and needs to get a little nip/tuck done to it.  Heck, most of my clothes need a little help from a needle and thread.

So first it was black shoes leaving the closet in mass and now it is black skirts.  I am scared of what is going to start breaking next.

Off to clean the kitchen, watch a little TV and then hit the hay!

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