Monday, June 20, 2011

It finally happened

For the masses that have never seen my kitchen, I have amassed a collection of cookbooks, Clean Eating Magazines, Cooking Light Magazines and various other cooking magazines.  (think 3 shelves work with most of that magazines).  Yes, I know eveery Cooking Light recipe is online but something about pages to turn just keeps me subscribing.  I blame that page love on why I won't go to e-books.  Maybe one day I will change my mind.

Anyway, I have always been good at finding recipes I am looking for...until now.  I am CRAVING a particular shrimp taco.  I swear I blogged about it and even referenced it but no dice.  I thought I put it on my weekly menu plans I keep excpet that I remembered I got crazy and just threw them away.  I thought it was a CL recipe but I can't find it online.

Now when I get home from work and the gym tonight I will be tearing apart my freshly cleaned kitchen looking for that darn recipe.

I promise a post with more purpose later but I just had to get that out. 

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