Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

It has been a long day and I am not sure I can have thoughts longer than bullet points so time for random musings!!

1.  The urge to add to my fur family is getting strong.  I literally almost stopped by Operation Kindness on my way home to look at a golden shih tzu mix they have posted.  But, I just don't think my 15 year old cat would appreciate an addition to the family at this time.  So I am practicing planned parenthood and restraining myself. BTW, Operation Kindness rocks!!  They are one of the two organizations I give to each year (along with the USO....thank you ex-hubby and still great friend for serving!!).

2.  I am just not in the mood to work out tonight so I think it isn't going to happen.  I know what they say, just go and you will be happy you did.  But, right now, I can tell you it isn't happening.  Instead, I am going to clean up the house since it seems I won' t have time this weekend because...

3.  It's baby shower time!!  Some friends and I are hosting a baby shower for one of my besties and I need to decide what kind of stuff to make as food.  The theme is a carnival and apparently most of this was planned without me so I got assigned to bring stuff for a nacho bar?!?!  Ok, whatevs moving on.  Probably a good thing since all of the other food is NOT clean.  The last shower we had, I didn't bring any food and I ended up not eating the whole time.  So the nacho bar is going to include some things that are clean so I can eat that sans chips.

4.  The urge to achieve something is back. I got so adjusted to doing school work while getting the never ending MBA that now I am ready to tackle another piece of paper.  Part of cleaning tonight is getting back in my office (I literally shut the door after my last final and haven't been in since) and get ready to get my work certifications and then my CFA.  I must be losing my mind.

5.  I need to get in the habit of picture taking more so I can have something on here worth looking at.

6.  I need to spend more time blogging is anything, to help improve my writing. I spend so much time now crunching numbers that I forgot how to actually write.  I was once pretty good and I really want to get back to it.

7.  DUDE!!!  Sometimes it REALLY helps to check your blog settings every now and again.  Way back in the day, I changed my URL and apparently when I did, I took off Analytics.  I went to reload it and I kept getting the error that the code wasn't installed.  Hello??  I coded in a previous life so I know it was installed correctly.  Dig a little deeper and I realize that somehow the blog was restricted so no one could view it!  That answers SO many questions.

Seven is apparently all I have tonight.  I'm off to find something for dinner, clean the office a little and then enjoy the Mavs game and hope they don't cause me to have a heart attack again!

Later Taters!!

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