Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weigh in....nah.

So last week apparently was not a good week. I'm saying it was bloat and moving on.

The good thing about weighing in on Wednesdays is that it feels like the beginning of the weight loss week.  I kind of like being able to start over midweek.

Of course today I am beyond tired. It must be catching because even my trainer was out of it today.  We usually talk the whole we did good to just hold small talk.  I came home and was just awake enough to make dinner.

One thing I love about the single life is the crazy crap I make up to eat each day.  There was a time I followed recipes every night now I just throw stuff together and call it a night.  Tonight it was a chicken breast, black beans, rice and salsa all mixed up and topped with a little cheese.  It wasn't anything special but it hit the spot.  This is also good for emptying out the freezer.  I have enough food to feed an army in there so it is time to eat it down.

Now off to finish watching the TV and cure this sweet tooth...almond butter and honey!!

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