Friday, July 29, 2011

SUYL - Parenting Advice

First, I must preface this with saying I have not been blessed to be a parent. But I think this is good advice for anyone who has an impact on the life of a child. 

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to impact a child and be a role model for children every since this cutie came into my life. 

She is the beautiful daughter of one of my closest friends and she made her appearance into the world a week ago.

As I was sitting holding her yesterday and gazing at her while she slept, her mother and I talked about what we wanted her to be and the values she would have.  I pray as her "aunt" that she becomes a strong, independent woman who treats those around her with respect and dignity.  I pray she loves herself and doesn't ever have hangups about who she is.  I hope she grows up to appreciate all those around her and not let those people who differ in their opinions bring her down.

While we were discussing this, we got on the topic of of course the baby weight and the changes.  We started talking about weight loss and losing those last pounds.  I stopped right there and said that we needed to be happy that she was in the world, both mother and daughter were healthy and over all no matter what life is good.  

Be the person you want your children to be. Children learn from watching.  If you talk negative about people, they will follow.  If you speak bad about yourself, they will learn to see themselves that way too.  Be the best example you can be for your children and teach by example.  To take it a step further, do this around all children you come in contact with.  Every day, be the best example you can be and don't worry about slip ups, it happens to all of us…it's how we recover that counts.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday again?

I don't know about anyone else but I'm kind of tired of this whole Monday thing.  That is especially true when your weekends go by so fast.

Saturday was a rush of emotion on so many levels, but it was all worth it when I got to meet my new love.

 This is my new "niece"!! While she isn't a blood relative, she still already holds a special place in my heart.  One of my closest friends is her momma and I can't wait to spend more time with this little one and she who she will become.  Needless to say, she consumed my Saturday.  I rushed to get my chores done and then went to pick up another friend of ours, stopped by to buy the little one her first dress (they did not find out the sex before hand) and then went to go hold the little one and stare.

Sunday, the parental units came up to finally give me my graduation present and spend some time with me.  Lunch was completely unhealthy Babe's Fried Chicken and I completely enjoyed it.  Then a crazy trip to Ikea.  My daddy must really love me to do that.  Then we cam home and put together my new dresser and then I put together my other night stand.

Please excuse the undecorated bedroom.  This was taken at around 11 right after I "made" the bed.  I still have a long way to go to get it fixed up but the big pieces are in place.

I also got the black matching dresser but it's out of the picture.  The little desk that is my other nightstand was built by my grandpa.  The bed I LOVE!!!!  I found it at a flea market in Sweetwater Texas.  It was a full size, rusted and completely run down.  My daddy made it into a queen size and got it powder-coated black.  I completely love it and it will be with me always.  Now I need new bedding and actual decorations in the room.  Slowly but surely.

I'm sore from the gym tonight and now I get to put my clean clothes up, finish watching the Bachelorette and then Makeover and then to bed.  Makeover might be watched in my bed with the new headboard and footboard.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why did I just now find this!

Great workout tonight.  I always call it a great workout when I come home and the thought of food is the furtherest thing from my mind.  All I want is water and something cold. Tonight I was craving a smoothie.  So I made a banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie.

1 cup ice
1 cup milk
1 1/2 tsp of chocolate PB2
1 scoop protein powder
1 banana
1 scoop chocolate protein powder

I downed it so fast I didn't even get a picture but it was amazing!!  I am totally addicted to PB2 now.

Oh, and if you ever encounter a cicada killer wasp run, don't walk away.  I swear it is the grossest thing I have ever seen.  I was all for it doing its thing and me doing mine till it charged me.  I screamed like a little girl and ran in the house.  I swear the bugs are one thing I very much dislike about summer!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meal Planning

Krista answered a question this morning about meal planning. Funny, because I had someone ask me about that very recently and I thought that I might as well post about my journey to anti-meal planning meal planning.

When I first started on my weight loss journey I felt that I had to plan everything I ate.  I religiously counted calories of everything on Sunday when I made my meal plan.  I went to the grocery store on Sunday and got everything I needed.  I planned the recipes (always halving them since it is just me).

I did very good on Monday and Tuesday and then I would either still end up with leftovers or by the time I got back from the gym on Wednesday night I was tired and the plan went out the door.  I ended up wasting a ton of food (because I am after all lazy and never freeze the food I have).  I would also feel guilt about not cooking things every night.

It took me a while to find a way to make healthy eating fit with my busy schedule.  Now I give myself some slack. I don't expect to cook a full recipe during the week. I save my cooking new recipes for the weekends.  I don't count calories. For the most part, I eat clean (for me, whole grains, meat, fresh veggies, fruit, no sugar, no processed food) and I know the rough calories on what I eat.  Every now and then I will count just to see if I am right or if I need more or less.

I keep snacks and breakfast food on hand.  That way I can just grab different combinations during the week.  On Sunday I go to the store and grab stuff for salad and any veggie that looks good and is quick booking.  Sometimes I buy meat if it is on sale to cook for the week or to keep in the freezer so I always have lean protein on hand.  I also by the on-hand stuff if I am out.

Since I work out after work, I usually come home and throw some protein (enough for dinner and lunch the next day) under the broiler and while that is cooking I'l eat a small salad and steam up some fresh veggies and there we go! After dinner I will pack up my food for the next day.

In the morning I grab my lunch "bag".  Seriously, this thing is huge!

But, it does hold all my food for the day.  We're talking breakfast, AM snack, lunch, and PM snack.  Usually this thing is full.  Take today, this was all my food and I ate it all.


Cereal (in my favorite to go cereal container), banana, yogurt, salsa, chicken, salad, carrots, and a brown rice tortilla.  It was all eaten by 3pm.

I have about 5 different breakfast meals that I rotate through (Optimum cereal, Ezekiel english muffin with Cashew butter and strawberry with a egg on the side, hard boiled egg with a banana and veggie sausage, greek yogurt with blueberries and a banana).  Snacks are usually veggies, a fruit, hummus and veggies, Wasi crackers and cheese, nuts, or seeds.  Lunch is left overs made into a wrap or into a salad.  And that's it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Monday in the Books

What a day!!  Currently I am laying out on the couch telling myself I am not going to die from my workout but it sure feels like it!

Apparently my knees are back to 100% and so are my workouts.  I don't think I have sweat like that in a long time.  Really, how do those women at the gym do it.  They start looking great and they walk out looking great.  I look like a hot mess when I finish.  If I look normal, I don't think I did anything.  One day, I promise to post a picture as proof.

I was so good and pack my lunch last night, got up this morning and put it in my lunch bag and promptly left it on the counter.  I realized about 15 miles from the house.  DARN!!  Luckily, my boss treated me to lunch at Gordon Biersch.  I was good and got a Veggie pizza and a salad.  I didn't even snack crazy today. All in all, a good day and it showed on the scale.

I always wonder what motivates people to keep working out.  For me, I don't think there is one certain thing.  On days when I feel stressed from work, the thought of going and working out the tension drive me.  On days when I feel tired, it is the adreneline that moves me.  On days when I feel weak, it is the thought of lifting more than I have before, doing more reps than before, running farther than before.  And honestly, on days where I feel not so pretty, I use the Making the Squad episodes I have saved on the DVR.  I know, I'm a little strange.

So what motivates you to get up and work out every day?

Friday, July 15, 2011

One Meal Fits All?

Warning: The irritable 2 year old has made an appearance today.

I woke up late this morning (day 2 of sinus headache) and had to rush to work.  As I got on the highway, I realized my breakfast was on the counter. I ate out of the emergency drawer today and it was a Cliff Builder Bar and brown rice cakes.  Needless to say, by 11am I was FAMISHED. 

A few times a year, the building provides lunch to all tenants and today was the day.  I actually remembered this and didn't pack a lunch.  That was a big mistake.  At 11:30, I was ready to devour someone if I didn't eat soon.  I knew it was going to be BBQ but I figured there would be something there I could eat. WRONG oh so wrong.  out of the 3 sides and 3 meats, I was able to eat chicken. That's it.  So my lunch consisted of this...

Shredded chicken, no sauce looks appealling right?  Why I thought that the building would take into account those in that work here that don't eat that way is beyond me.  I was at least expecting a green salad so I could have chicken and a salad.  Now it is 12:30 and I am still famished.  Had I known there woud be no salad or that every side would be drenched in sugar or mayonaise I would have brought my lunch.  Now my choices are to go downstairs and get food from the cafeteria from hell, stay hungry, or run to Whole Foods (which isn't an option since I have to chauffer my boss around town around 2:30 and can't take the time to leave the office.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pace not Race

Ah, apparently that was the secret all along! After reading about Cely's 11 mile miracle and seeing her pace I realized if I wanted to up the mileage I didn't need to bust out the 10 minute mile.  Just take it nice and steady and don't look at the clock.

The result was that I was able to go a mile more before my legs decided to fall off and I actually pulled one mile about 15 seconds faster than I normally do. Apparently I was going all out and then taking longer breaks.  Going steady allowed me to go longer and then take walk breaks a little shorter and less.


Now if I could just find a way to make that money tree in the back yard grow we'd be all set!

You know, I really need to start remembering to document my boring life in pictures more.  Of course, today all you would see would be me pulling my hair out and using my 10-key all day.  Sucht a fascinating life I lead!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Back!

My mojo that is!  I'm doing about 75% better today.  I still have a bit of a sensitive stomach but I was able to go do my hour at the gym and not have to run to the restroom or pass out on the floor. In my mind that is a success.

Tomorrow begins the real training and starts bright and early in the morning.  Then a day at work and back to the gym.  I figure, what do I really have to do except for work and work out.  I can commit to this until my birthday to see what happens.

I have been considering supplementing my normal workouts with a few DVDs or  DVD program.  I have been looking at a few and still am not ready to pull the trigger.

I'm going to be short and sweet tonight.  My bed is calling my name and the TV is acting up which means I am going to have to watch Covert Affairs on the computer tomorrow.

Any suggestions or reviews of DVDs would be GREATLY appreciated. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

At Least I Had Good Intentions

This is gonna be the week...after today. I never cancel my training sessions. Today, I had to.  Without going into to many details, let's just say that there was either a bout of food poisoning or a stomach bug in the house.  My stomach was already hard as a rock and I don't think that a hour long sweat fest would mix with not being able to be 10 feet from the restroom.  It coulda been bad....really bad.

Now I am dehydrated and food still doesn't sound appealing.  Dinner tonight was the amazing gourmet meal of corn tortillas and ginger-ale.  Three days of nausea and two days of other things and I am tired of this.  I am ready to work out.

Tomorrow come hell or high water, I am going to the gym and getting my training session in.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girls Night

Tonight was all about margaritas and catching up. I was all set to document my stumble off the fit train tonight until I got to the restaurant and realized I left my phone on the counter.  Thank goodness we were only about 5 minutes from the house or I would have probably freaked a little.

I think it is strange that I was once able to drive everywhere without a phone and felt perfectly safe.  Now, if I go farther than in the neighborhood without my phone, I stress out.

Point being, there will be no pictures of the drinks, the chips, the dinner, and the dessert.  Probably best because now the only proof is on my butt.

All in all, great night.  You know sometimes it takes someone who has been a friend for 25 years to get you out of a funk.  Talk about someone who knows WAY too much about me.  It's crazy scary to be honest...especially when her daughter is just like we were. I could only hope that she finds a friend as great as her mom is.

Time to hit the hay!

Friday...on Saturday

After a day of work, haircut, Target, and a phone call from a friend overseas I was beat.  So I shall recap a Friday on a Saturday.

Work was work, enough said.  I did learn from my lunch mistake and headed out at lunch to Whole Foods to restock the emergency drawer.  Of course, now I am wishing I would have brought some of that home.

I finally got the mop trimmed after work!  I got it cut a little shorter than I usually do this is about as drastic of a change as I make.

My hairdresser is pregnant (seriously, who around me isn't right now!) and she is due in October.  I am hoping I can time my trims with her due date so I don't have to get too off schedule or have to use someone else.  Selfish much?  I just freak a little about my hair!  I went two years without a cut because my last person left me.  I have a hard time finding someone who can do my hair and once I find them, I don't cheat.

I was planning on heading home after that so I could talk to my friend and try to find some time to meet up when he is home for his 2 week leave.  But something was drawing me to Target!  Nothing like a Friday night stroll through the aisles to unwind!

I went with the specific purpose of getting a new stability ball and ended up with that, some new workout clothes, a puzzle (who just turned into shut in...this girl) to work when it becomes too hot to do anything outside, and my favorite purchase of all...

I had to by the set to get the Wonder Woman class but now I have one I can actually drink out of.  My 1977 glass is a collector and I would die if I broke it.

I came down with a little something last night that completely messed up my stomach (and it continues today) on top of my monthly chocolate craving so I ended up not doing anything the rest of the night.

Same goes for today.  I'm not hungry but I am tired and know food will help.  All I have done today it clean when the urge strikes and work on the puzzle.  Let's just call this a funk and move on.

Tonight is drinks out with a friend so I hope that will jolt me back to the land of the living!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Mean Lunch is Important?

I feel like I've been run over with a truck today!

I usually eat something every 2-3 hours to keep myself in check.  After much trial and error I realized if I don't eat then I revert back to the attitude of a tired two year old. It's not a pretty sight.

I was planning to eat lunch around one and was ready to heat up lunch around 12:45 when someone came into my office to tell me that they scheduled a client meeting for 1.  Thank you so much!!! I grabbed a few carrot sticks and a rice cake and then got busy cleaning up my office.  I figured I would be able to eat after my meeting but I ended up swamped until it was time to go. Blah, just blah. Oh well, whatcha gonna do!!

The one good thing was that my client always brings in food.  Today she brought in mini cinnamon rolls and peaches. Usually being famished in a trigger to go for the sugar.  Not good!  I rarely eat refined sugars so a dose of sugar is worse than coffee for me.  As I was opening up the yummy iced goodness something snapped and I stopped mid grab.  Instead it was a peach and a smile for me.

I am home now with no energy to make dinner, no energy to go to the gym and all I want to do is sleep!! I am not going to beat myself up about it though.  I am going to make a sandwich, clean the kitchen, and get to sleep early tonight.  I'll just get a run in tomorrow morning before work.

One more day till the weekend, we can do this!!  Later taters!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Trainer Hates Me

I swear I must have done something to peeve him off today.  Actually, I think he just likes to see me in pain.  He has been off for about 4 days I am almost certain he spent a good bit of that time making up new tortures for me.

It started with my daily hamstring builders which were a little uncomfortable after someone forgot to roll after their run last night.  From there we moved to ball squats with weight...lots of weight.  No biggie for me.  Then on to abs.  The killer was the ball plank.  My shoulders were jello at the end of the first set.

WAIT!!  I realize why he hates me.  I made him do the same ball plank while I did my bridges...slowly.  Ah, the clients gives it back to the trainer!!

I was invited to head down to Port A for a long weekend.  The only issue is that instead of the 6 hour drive I would have to fly because I don't want to take two days off from work just to drive.  How come I can go to almost anywhere cheaper than I can get a flight to Corpus?  It drives me batty!!  I guess there will be none of this in my future.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What it's Tuesday?

Was everyone else as off today as I was?

I was planning on waking up early and hitting the gym this morning to do a two a day today.  BIG.FAT.FAIL.  I so blame it on the "friendly" neighbors shooting off fireworks next to my backyard until midnight.  It I wasn't waking up from the boom, the cat was jumping and waiting me up.

Yea, babe, I felt the same way this morning.

Needless to day, I slept in and it felt SO good.  The sleep was what I needed and allowed me to hit the gym this afternoon, where I was all over it....for about 30 minutes.

I swear I hate this Texas summer!!  It's too freaking hot to run outside at 5:30 so I am forced to a treadmill.  Tonight I did 15 minutes on the dreadmill before I got bored.  I then moved to the elliptical where I did 15 minutes before I got bored.  Then back to the dreadmill for another 15 and then said enough is enough.  I need to find some new cardio activities or classes to fill in my time when I can't run outside.  Tomorrow I will be waking up at the butt crack of dawn and getting my run on outside just to avoid cardio at the gym after my training session.

Some friends of mine are in Maui and sent me a picture around 5 of their lunch on the deck with drinks with colored umbrellas.  The first picture I sent them, I can't show on the blog but imagine a scowling face with my hand giving the universal sign for I don't like you!! Then I remembered, they have been gone a week and they have to come back to the real, triple digit heat, adult duties.  This means no drinking in the middle of the day and no more mean pictures.  So I sent this one wishing them a sarcastic meaning of course!

Time to pack the food for work tomorrow (how come I feel like I am either eating, prepping food, or thinking about when I need to eat again).  While I love the way I feel when I eat clean, I end up feeling like a walking restaurant because I carry all my food with me for the whole day.  When I carry the lunch bag in, along with my purse and my gym bag into the office sometimes I think I am a bag lady and not a dedicated finance professional.  Ok, really, you can stop laughing now.  What do they say, fake it till you make it?