Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday...on Saturday

After a day of work, haircut, Target, and a phone call from a friend overseas I was beat.  So I shall recap a Friday on a Saturday.

Work was work, enough said.  I did learn from my lunch mistake and headed out at lunch to Whole Foods to restock the emergency drawer.  Of course, now I am wishing I would have brought some of that home.

I finally got the mop trimmed after work!  I got it cut a little shorter than I usually do this is about as drastic of a change as I make.

My hairdresser is pregnant (seriously, who around me isn't right now!) and she is due in October.  I am hoping I can time my trims with her due date so I don't have to get too off schedule or have to use someone else.  Selfish much?  I just freak a little about my hair!  I went two years without a cut because my last person left me.  I have a hard time finding someone who can do my hair and once I find them, I don't cheat.

I was planning on heading home after that so I could talk to my friend and try to find some time to meet up when he is home for his 2 week leave.  But something was drawing me to Target!  Nothing like a Friday night stroll through the aisles to unwind!

I went with the specific purpose of getting a new stability ball and ended up with that, some new workout clothes, a puzzle (who just turned into shut in...this girl) to work when it becomes too hot to do anything outside, and my favorite purchase of all...

I had to by the set to get the Wonder Woman class but now I have one I can actually drink out of.  My 1977 glass is a collector and I would die if I broke it.

I came down with a little something last night that completely messed up my stomach (and it continues today) on top of my monthly chocolate craving so I ended up not doing anything the rest of the night.

Same goes for today.  I'm not hungry but I am tired and know food will help.  All I have done today it clean when the urge strikes and work on the puzzle.  Let's just call this a funk and move on.

Tonight is drinks out with a friend so I hope that will jolt me back to the land of the living!

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