Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girls Night

Tonight was all about margaritas and catching up. I was all set to document my stumble off the fit train tonight until I got to the restaurant and realized I left my phone on the counter.  Thank goodness we were only about 5 minutes from the house or I would have probably freaked a little.

I think it is strange that I was once able to drive everywhere without a phone and felt perfectly safe.  Now, if I go farther than in the neighborhood without my phone, I stress out.

Point being, there will be no pictures of the drinks, the chips, the dinner, and the dessert.  Probably best because now the only proof is on my butt.

All in all, great night.  You know sometimes it takes someone who has been a friend for 25 years to get you out of a funk.  Talk about someone who knows WAY too much about me.  It's crazy scary to be honest...especially when her daughter is just like we were. I could only hope that she finds a friend as great as her mom is.

Time to hit the hay!

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