Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Trainer Hates Me

I swear I must have done something to peeve him off today.  Actually, I think he just likes to see me in pain.  He has been off for about 4 days I am almost certain he spent a good bit of that time making up new tortures for me.

It started with my daily hamstring builders which were a little uncomfortable after someone forgot to roll after their run last night.  From there we moved to ball squats with weight...lots of weight.  No biggie for me.  Then on to abs.  The killer was the ball plank.  My shoulders were jello at the end of the first set.

WAIT!!  I realize why he hates me.  I made him do the same ball plank while I did my bridges...slowly.  Ah, the clients gives it back to the trainer!!

I was invited to head down to Port A for a long weekend.  The only issue is that instead of the 6 hour drive I would have to fly because I don't want to take two days off from work just to drive.  How come I can go to almost anywhere cheaper than I can get a flight to Corpus?  It drives me batty!!  I guess there will be none of this in my future.

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