Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pace not Race

Ah, apparently that was the secret all along! After reading about Cely's 11 mile miracle and seeing her pace I realized if I wanted to up the mileage I didn't need to bust out the 10 minute mile.  Just take it nice and steady and don't look at the clock.

The result was that I was able to go a mile more before my legs decided to fall off and I actually pulled one mile about 15 seconds faster than I normally do. Apparently I was going all out and then taking longer breaks.  Going steady allowed me to go longer and then take walk breaks a little shorter and less.


Now if I could just find a way to make that money tree in the back yard grow we'd be all set!

You know, I really need to start remembering to document my boring life in pictures more.  Of course, today all you would see would be me pulling my hair out and using my 10-key all day.  Sucht a fascinating life I lead!

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