Friday, July 29, 2011

SUYL - Parenting Advice

First, I must preface this with saying I have not been blessed to be a parent. But I think this is good advice for anyone who has an impact on the life of a child. 

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to impact a child and be a role model for children every since this cutie came into my life. 

She is the beautiful daughter of one of my closest friends and she made her appearance into the world a week ago.

As I was sitting holding her yesterday and gazing at her while she slept, her mother and I talked about what we wanted her to be and the values she would have.  I pray as her "aunt" that she becomes a strong, independent woman who treats those around her with respect and dignity.  I pray she loves herself and doesn't ever have hangups about who she is.  I hope she grows up to appreciate all those around her and not let those people who differ in their opinions bring her down.

While we were discussing this, we got on the topic of of course the baby weight and the changes.  We started talking about weight loss and losing those last pounds.  I stopped right there and said that we needed to be happy that she was in the world, both mother and daughter were healthy and over all no matter what life is good.  

Be the person you want your children to be. Children learn from watching.  If you talk negative about people, they will follow.  If you speak bad about yourself, they will learn to see themselves that way too.  Be the best example you can be for your children and teach by example.  To take it a step further, do this around all children you come in contact with.  Every day, be the best example you can be and don't worry about slip ups, it happens to all of us…it's how we recover that counts.  

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  1. Great advice. Children are like mirrors. A Good lesson to remember. Thanks!