Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What it's Tuesday?

Was everyone else as off today as I was?

I was planning on waking up early and hitting the gym this morning to do a two a day today.  BIG.FAT.FAIL.  I so blame it on the "friendly" neighbors shooting off fireworks next to my backyard until midnight.  It I wasn't waking up from the boom, the cat was jumping and waiting me up.

Yea, babe, I felt the same way this morning.

Needless to day, I slept in and it felt SO good.  The sleep was what I needed and allowed me to hit the gym this afternoon, where I was all over it....for about 30 minutes.

I swear I hate this Texas summer!!  It's too freaking hot to run outside at 5:30 so I am forced to a treadmill.  Tonight I did 15 minutes on the dreadmill before I got bored.  I then moved to the elliptical where I did 15 minutes before I got bored.  Then back to the dreadmill for another 15 and then said enough is enough.  I need to find some new cardio activities or classes to fill in my time when I can't run outside.  Tomorrow I will be waking up at the butt crack of dawn and getting my run on outside just to avoid cardio at the gym after my training session.

Some friends of mine are in Maui and sent me a picture around 5 of their lunch on the deck with drinks with colored umbrellas.  The first picture I sent them, I can't show on the blog but imagine a scowling face with my hand giving the universal sign for I don't like you!! Then I remembered, they have been gone a week and they have to come back to the real world...work, triple digit heat, adult duties.  This means no drinking in the middle of the day and no more mean pictures.  So I sent this one wishing them well...in a sarcastic meaning of course!

Time to pack the food for work tomorrow (how come I feel like I am either eating, prepping food, or thinking about when I need to eat again).  While I love the way I feel when I eat clean, I end up feeling like a walking restaurant because I carry all my food with me for the whole day.  When I carry the lunch bag in, along with my purse and my gym bag into the office sometimes I think I am a bag lady and not a dedicated finance professional.  Ok, really, you can stop laughing now.  What do they say, fake it till you make it?

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