Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

I cannot believe it's my birthday.  This one is hitting me very strange.  I have officially crossed over into mid-thirties yet I still feel like I should be about 25.  Probably because I might have my own casa and drive a car that I am not scared will strand me, I live exactly the same way I always have.  Oh well, cheers to being comfortable with who you are at any age!!

I went to my running group last night and didn't die! Although, it was muggy and felt like I was breathing in dirty bath water and not air.  It only started bothering me about 2 minutes from the end so it wasn't bad.  I was really worried since I tweaked my knee pretty good the night before with my trainer because someone forgot to foam roll.  The run actually helped in stretch out though so who knows what I did to it.  Today it is in perfect, just barely a pain form.

I am off until after Labor Day!!  I firmly believe that your birthday is special and no one should ever work on their day.  My boss completely understands this and supports me because he knows if he were to make me work, I would turn into a bratty little kid who didn't get her way.

I also am strange in that I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions, but I do believe in birthday resolutions.  Because really, isn't your new year your birthday? So I have decided on my resolutions for this year.

1.  Finally stop running 5ks on my own and actually buck up and enter a 5k race.
2.  Run a 10k
3.  Budget and save like a big girl
4.  Lose these last pesky pounds that seem to love my butt
5.  Take a true vacation
6.  Be more thoughtful of other people's feelings and considerations
7.  Be happy
8.  Make the house a home
9.  Don't sweat the small stuff
10.  Take chances.

Off to straighten the house and then meet the parental units for dinner. Hasta la bye bye!!

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