Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Water Please

I was up and out of the house early this morning and I still ran late. It was fun getting started early this morning but I was off all day long.  At these events, there is a pretty set schedule and when it gets pushed up even an hour, it feels completely off. The only good part is that I was able to get home by 4 which was probably for the best since my head is now killing me.

Being outside in 100 degree heat all day made me drink water...lots of water. I lost track after about my 7th bottle. The strangest part is that now I am's like I can't drink enough water now.  I think I got adjusted to drinking water all day and now without it, I feel dehydrated.  I guess there are worse things to constantly be drinking.

Sugar free day one was pretty easy.  The willpower moment of the day was when I stopped at my favorite place in Denton to grab a late lunch on the way home.  They serve Beth Marie's ice cream which is by the way, the best ice cream.  I resisted getting an ice cream sandwich or a pint of butter pecan.  Yea me!!  But ya'll it was HARD after being outside all day.

I did find a way around the whole birthday-sugar issue.  Duh, I have 3 years worth of Clean Eating Magazine that have no sugar sweets recipes.

Tonight I am going to nurse my headache, drink water, and watch my "little" cousin hopefully get some play time in pre-season.  I hope, hope, hope he doesn't get cut and get to see his dreams fulfilled.

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