Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick WTF

Sitting in my office late after a day spent rebuilding my computer and losing files only to find out that we have a backup system that the "IT" never put my computer on.  Two things wrong with this....that I spent the day rebuilding and that the IT guy never helps with anything.  WTF!!!!

Staying late at the office because I have a meeting in downtown at 6:30 and then dinner with a friend at 7:30.  The owner comes in and asked what I am doing here so late.  I tell him and he tells me "you should make the guy come up this way".  I snip back that it isn't that kind of a meeting and he asks why not.  Excuse me, because it isn't.  I am tired and just don't want to have to think up ways to get this guy to leave me alone so I just tell him that I rarely date.  DUMB move....he asks how long since my last date.  Um, 3 years.  DUMB move.  He acts like I have a deadly disease or three eyes. Just because I don't date, I  choose not to and I am perfectly happy single and on my own that gives you the right to look at me like that and give me advice on how I should start dating so I can meet someone and get married.  WTF!!!!

 OK, off to my YPF meeting where I will interact with people my own age and not those with their Medicare cards.  And where I will not be looking for a husband but instead looking for networking contacts.  Then off to dinner at Bolla.  Yummy.

Later Taters.

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