Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rest Day...what is that?

What a week!!  Today was a killer.  It was constant phone calls and emails.  I had to eat lunch at the yuck joint downstairs.  I keep saying never again!!  Might help if I remember to pack a lunch.  The day was only made better by the special delivery that was made today.  The company that shares the office with us had an all hands meeting and for the afternoon snack they brought in this!

Yep, pure on chocolate attack.  Can ya guess that it's that time. It was full but I was good and didn't eat it all.  Honestly, I just got chocolate overload.

Today was a rest day from the gym since I overdid it yesterday.  An hour of personal training emphasis on the thighs and the arms.  After, I ended up on the treadmill for 30 minutes and really pushed it.  My knee protested and I had to finally call it off and come home and ice and roll.  I got really smart and decided to sit 109 degree weather and ice.

Literally 10 minutes after I started, the peas were getting thawed. I guess that package is destined to just be an ice bag.  It did feel better but this morning was a killer.

I decided to play it cool today and not go to the gym for fear I would do more harm than good on the knee.  Instead and came home and got this wild hair to chemical clean the bathroom.  Now I am completely sick from the fumes and feeling light headed.  I'm really showing my smarts lately aren't I?

Sorry life is kind of boring today.  I'm gearing up for a weekend of cleaning, relaxing, cooking, working out and possibly a little thrift store shopping.

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