Monday, August 8, 2011

Sleep is needed!

Talk about a crazy Monday!!  With my boss on vacation, my days are long and my work load is double...I love it.  I left work today feeling fulfilled but drained.  Thank goodness I had to workout tonight or else I would already be asleep.

I forgot about the most amazing kitchen appliance ever until this weekend...the crockpot!!  It was so nice to come home before the gym and smell dinner already cooked.  Broccoli Beef with venison instead of beef.  I think that I will be using the crockpot on trainer nights at the gym.  It makes eating afterward so much easier.  Usually I am so tired that I just eat a banana and a piece of lunch meat.  Not too good for refueling. Hopefully, this will be a little better for me.

I think I found my groove for the month and I am ready to go. I have learned that during the week before IT, I lose all motivation and each like a teenager.  So I need to push it the other three weeks and try not to eat away all of my progress like I did this week.  I swear junk food is addictive and when I eat it, it is so much harder to stop eating it.  Willpower is non-existant in this house.  It is a skill I really need to learn!!

Off to chow down and enjoy some trashy TV.

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