Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Wall

Last night I went to class and was apprehensive about what to expect.  It wasn't bad.  Of course, it was only a run to see how what your speed is.  I did it, let's just say that.  I knew I should have started doing some outside workouts, but oh I have room for improvement.

I didn't get home until about 9 last night and ended up oversleeping this morning because I couldn't get to sleep on time.  Add to that the school traffic I still haven't figured out and I was LATE to work.  Or as I call it, a usual Wednesday.

So tonight in my workout, I completely hit the wall during a super set with no break in between.  Normally it isn't hard but after breaking up the following exercises in 2 rep sets, I was spent. 

1.  Plank Pikes - 12
2.  Medicine ball raises - 12
3. Up/Down Side Planks - 6 each side
4.  Hamstring presses - 12
5.  Bosu squat with 12 lb shoulder press - 12
6.  Step ups - 10 each side
7.  Reverse lunge with tricep kickbacks 5lb - 10
8.  Forward lunge with bicep curl 12lb - 10

On the last 4 of the last exercise I hit the wall.  I couldn't talk myself through it...I wanted to quit. I have never given up and I didn't but I seriously wanted to cry like I was on the Biggest Loser and Jillian was in my face. I did it though and then took a short rest and went on to do squats.  Then had an affair with the foam roller and ended up wanting to scream it hurt so bad.

As if I didn't give myself enough pain, the plan was to come home and roll some more so I could yell in peace and string four letter obscenities together to deal with the pain.  Hasn't happened yet.  Instead I jumped out of the car and went for a 20 minute walk/run.  The weather was just too nice to not do it.  

Now I can roll and scream and then head to bed and do it all over tomorrow.  

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